Interior Demolition Services in the Lower Mainland

Interior DemolitionAs the name suggests, an interior demolition leaves the exterior structure of the building intact and focuses on what’s happening inside.

Our Interior Demolition Services:

Ethical Waste Services works hand-in-hand with contractors and clients alike to determine the project design goals and devise a plan to meet those goals on time and on budget.

Important steps include:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Demolition



Planning is the most important step in the interior demolition process. As every project is different, each one must be planned thoroughly in order to ensure a safe demolition. The goal is to complete the job with as little disruption as possible.


Once the plan has been finalized, then preparation can begin. Interior demolition preparation is required in order to prevent structural damage to the building and to ensure the safety of the workers and future occupants.


Interior demotion may include:

  • Duct and lines cleaning and decontamination
  • Removing drywall, stud walls or concrete walls
  • Removal of hazardous materials and contaminants
  • Digging floor trenches
  • Removing slabs
  • Dismantling any interior part of the structure
  • And more!

Sometimes mold remediation and/or asbestos removal ends up working in conjunction with the demolition (or it may have been the main reason for the demolition in the first place).

Hire an Interior Demolition Expert

The benefits of hiring an interior demolition expert like Ethical Waste Services will be felt in every stage of the process. We take special care in providing our clients with schedules and precisely coordinated tasks that address the client’s operational needs. This will ensure work is performed efficiently and without interruption to daily operations. All projects are handled with the utmost concern for the safety of both the customer and our employees.

Our experienced team is able to dismantle areas that are still occupied or completely vacant, without causing disruption. We are also able to minimize the amount of dust, noise, and building vibration.

If the area is tested and mold or asbestos are found to be present, then using an expert like Ethical Waste Services is crucial. Learn more about our Asbestos Removal services.

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