Reflecting on our year.

Reflecting on our year.

As a business looking to grow and expand our furthest horizons we’re always reflecting. Asking ourselves; what did we do last year that we’re proud of and what can we improve? Where was most of our time spent? Where do we want to spend our time in the future and does that bring us closer to our ultimate goal?

The last fiscal year was unpredictable and full of major changes. Our #1 priority was to stay on track with our work and keep everyone safe while delivering the quality service that our company is known for. Of course, one of the biggest highlights of our year was that we managed to keep busy, ensuring that everyone stayed employed during these turbulent times.

This also kept us on track with our annual donations. Thanks to the hard work of all of our employees, Covid-19 didn’t slow us down and we were able to donate over $45,000 in donations to ACCESS Youth Outreach Services, Backpack Buddies and our own Douglas College – Ethical Waste Services’ Bursary. The not-for-profit sector provides an invaluable service in our community to ensure a better future for our younger generations. And that’s something we’ll always strive to uphold!

As far as time goes, the construction business and the real estate market were booming last year, which naturally reflected on our work load. The majority of our time was spent on demolition and asbestos abatement projects. When you’re stuck inside 24/7 a good renovation can feel wonderful!

Naturally, our asbestos testing division was also very busy ensuring that any potential asbestos hazards encountered by residents or contractors are dealt with safely and preferably by us!

Our drywall removal and construction debris removal divisions were closely behind. Vancouver’s housing market is always rising as more and more people move here and our cities expand giving us tons of drywall and construction debris to recycle!

Perhaps our proudest moment of 2020 was that we were able to keep our whole crew employed allowing them to keep food on the table and avoid CERB tax returns! With the pandemic still lurking around we will remain cautious in 2021 and stay the course by working hard and delivering the quality of service that we’re known for. We will continue to provide a safe environment for our employees and customers.