Fulfilling our promise of support in 2020

Fulfilling our promise of support in 2020

This year has been very difficult for just about everyone on the planet and one of the biggest industries that’s had to cut huge corners is the event planning and hosting industry. Without events it becomes seemingly difficult to organize fundraisers and create an impact to help raise awareness for charities and causes of any kind.

Luckily enough we live in a digital world where billions of people use internet services daily. Because of this, we’ve been able to shrink the world by a vast margin and make distance nearly irrelevant. Given the rules on Social distancing this becomes extremely valuable for organizations, charities and businesses that require people to congregate.

Our involvement with ACCESS Youth Outreach Services is not only a big part of our company culture but it’s also part of our Identity. We are extremely proud to be a sponsor and a helping hand in creating a better future for marginalized youth. Giving them the opportunities they deserve continues to inspire us to work harder year after year.

As we all learnt to adapt to our new circumstances we were very pleased to find out that Access Youth and other organizations would be doing everything in their power to turn their fundraisers virtual to be able to continue to full-fill their mission. 

The Backpack Buddies Cooking for A Cause virtual cooking class hosted by Chef Trevor Bird was an amazing experience. Not only were we a proud sponsor of this event. We were also able to help BackPackBuddies deliver food to homes prior to the event and we got to make some killer food as well. I mean check out this delicious meal and definitely check out Chef Trevor Birds restaurant Fable Kitchen in Vancouver.

Chef Trevor Bird taught us new cooking skills that we never would’ve known otherwise. And we were able to spend valuable time with our family while supporting a great cause. Plus, who doesn’t love a fancy home cooked meal every once in a while? 

Aside from cooking amazing meals all the time. There’s something else that made our year incredibly special. Despite all of the obstacles in everyone’s way, we were able to come together and adapt to our circumstances allowing us to continue working. Through the valiant efforts and hard work of all of our staff, our customers and our peers we were able to donate $40,346 to ACCESS Youth Outreach Services.

We were also fortunate enough to participate and help with a few socially distanced fundraisers as well.

We continue to contribute $2,000 each year to our own Ethical Waste Services Bursary to support the financial needs of two Douglas College students who are enrolled in programs that focus on working with youth-at-risk. The recipients must be enrolled in Child & Youth Care, Youth Justice or Social Work. 

We donated some art supplies to Access Youth’s Art Journaling Program. They help youth express themselves and their views on the world by supplying them with art supplies and encouraging them to create whatever their hearts desire. Topics are addressing expressions of their beliefs and anxieties, learning about boundaries and healthy relationships.

Our most recent fundraiser contribution was towards the Movember 2020 campaign. When Twin Lions Contracting (A longtime client of ours) reached out to us with an invitation to their team’s #Movember fundraiser, we couldn’t decline the opportunity to help. Advocating for men’s mental health is extremely important and is truly a great cause. This is just another way to connect, collaborate, and support a charitable cause with a company that shares the same values as us.

We are extremely excited to continue to adapt to the newest regulations enforced by the pandemic so that we can continue to support those in need. We hope to see more events being held as we continue to fight Covid-19 and get everyone vaccinated. 

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our valued partners and customers for helping us make this possible by using our services.