Employee Introduction: Raven Landry

Employee Introduction: Raven Landry

If you are calling Ethical Waste Services to book a job or have any questions about any of our services, I’ll be the one answering your phone call. You can find me at the reception desk when you enter our new offices. As a Client Services Coordinator I am responsible for scheduling and coordinating new jobs as they come in and for supporting our staff in the field. In my previous job I worked in marketing. When I was asked to be responsible for updating Ethical Waste Services’ social media accounts, and writing blogs I jumped right in.  To get to know me a bit better here are a few snippets of who I am, who inspires me and what keeps me motivated. I might even share some advice…

Somebody that really inspires me and that I look up to is Kanye West. He’s unapologetically himself while always pushing forward and challenging our ways of thinking. Not only has he helped me love myself, but he’s also shown me not to judge people based on what they believe in or their political views but rather their actions and how they treat the people around them.

Although Kanye is my Idol and I’ll always love his music, I’ve been getting really into rock and Metal music lately… as a result I’ve been super eager to learn guitar. I’ve been taking lessons for about two months now. Being strict with myself and making practicing a priority really makes a difference. 

During my hardest days music is the thing that helps me stay motivated. Without music I wouldn’t be who I am. My ideas and ways that I see the world derive mostly from the music I listen to. Hearing people express the ways they see the world through their art has really helped me question my ways of thinking and the things that I value. In a positive manner of course.

The best advice I’ve ever heard is “If you think of something funny. You have to say it”. While it is a phrase directed towards stand-up comedians telling them not to be afraid of offensive jokes, I think it’s a metaphor for living life freely. Doing things that excite you or simply expressing whatever’s on your mind. I think it’s important to express how you feel, whatever that may be.