Employee Introduction: Juan Pablo Garcia Aguado

Employee Introduction: Juan Pablo Garcia Aguado

Hi, my name is Juan Pablo Garcia Aguado or JP for short. I’m the Operations Manager here at Ethical Waste Services. I started working here just under a year ago and I’ve been able to learn so much. I’m excited to start a leadership role and take our team to new heights. 

I was thinking about who I admire for a while and It’s hard for me to pinpoint one person. It really varies depending on where I’m at in my life. I really admire my brother who moved to Germany 15 years ago. He’s made an amazing life for himself there and has really been thriving. I think his move is what really inspired me to come to Canada and change my life. I just wanted to pursue something different.

The journey to Canada has been amazing, but not easy. I don’t think anything in life is easy, I grew up with this idea that if you want something you need to fight for it. Nothing comes for free. The hardest part has been not seeing my extended family, and the lifestyle change. We were living a really good life in Mexico. We didn’t know anyone in Vancouver and didn’t know what life would be like out here. I left a lot behind and had to start from scratch. There’s just so many little things you don’t think about when moving to a new country. The culture shock was very intense at first. Your whole life changes. 

My dad is also someone that I really admire. He’s so kind and happy. He’s always laughing. I think I really see myself in him. I’d really like to mirror the Image that he puts out of himself.

One thing that I’ve never done and want to accomplish this year is a trip to Alaska. We don’t have very much ice or snow in Mexico so anything that has to do with the cold gets me and my family really excited. Especially winter sports! I know a lot of Vancouverites dread the cold, but we’re still enjoying it. For now… 

My best piece of advice would be to never give up. It’s a cliché, but it will never not be true. I really admire all the athletes in my age group that are still performing at peak levels. They’re going toe to toe with these young guys and I think that’s because of really healthy lifestyle choices. Something that’s easy to give up on. They’re very disciplined people in every area of their life. I’d like to be like that for my family. 

With that being said, of course my biggest ambition is to be a good father and to take care of my family, give them everything I can and prepare them for their future because I know it won’t be easy. This world is changing and I just want them to have a good life. 

Obviously my biggest motivation is also my kids. My kids have been the best decision of my life, the best and the hardest. I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to have twins, I know a lot of people would really love the opportunity to have twins. So I’m just really grateful. It’s been hard for me not to cry writing this to be honest. It’s double the trouble, but of course, double the love.