Declutter your office minding the environment

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Working in a tidy environment is a healthy and practical habit. We recommend to plan  a decluttering session for your home and work space every season. Decluttering is all about making room for things that matter.

When it becomes a habit,  it’s an easier task to tackle since you might not accumulate unwanted things. Simplifying your surroundings will result in a cleaner and balanced everyday life. Let’s tackle that clutter!


1.- Make a plan: Set a declutter date in your calendar. Invite your friends and family that may want to help. In an office environment we  recommended to invite your staff to a team bonding day and make it a fun activity focusing on zero waste!

2.- Tackle one room at a time: Map out the areas that need most attention and focus on them one by one. Decluttering frees up space for new goals or endeavours.

3.- Separate your clutter: It is very important to understand what to do with the clutter that you are getting rid of. The options are:

  • Donate : Find a local non-profit that will be happy to take those lightly used items. Remember that “one person’s trash is another’s treasure”.
  • Recycle: plastic, paper, cardboard, metal.
  • E-waste: Offices are filled with e-waste, printers, computers, cables, telephones, etc.  E-waste needs to be dealt with safely and correctly in order to keep the environment from becoming contaminated. Call an e-waste removal company to help you deal with these items. A professional will know what to do and where to dispose of these items!
  • Junkyard: You did a pretty good job at re-purposing what you could. What’s left isn’t too heavy, you brought your cost down by reducing the amount of waste going to the junkyard and you are leaving a smaller mark on our environment!

4.- Use a minimalist approach : Reconfigure your working or home space remembering the concept of “Less is more” . This approach helps you focus on the practical use of your space keeping only the essential.


Congratulations, your space is clear and you reduced your environmental impact!

This simple plan helps to incorporate sustainable practices into your everyday life. Next time you go shopping you can ask yourself:

Do I  really Need it?  or do I just Want it!


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