Saving the environment one load at a time!

Monday, December 10th, 2018


Another job well done by Ethical Waste Services team. Recently we were contacted by a client to pick up a mixed load of items for disposal. The following is an example of how we handle every job that comes our way. We approach each job ethically, responsibly and thoughtfully! Our staff is trained to sort and recycle as much as possible.

We decided to use this load as an opportunity to showcase the correct process for recycling and disposal. This time around, we turned it into a fun team building activity and with the collaboration of AJM Disposal we were able to reduce the waste to two garbage bags. The rest of the items were recycled.

Just another day at work, doing what we do best, while having fun!


Our task was to recycle the following 4.7 tonnes of waste.

750 Cans of beets and kidney beans – this translates to 2,200 kgs of beets and beans that were dumped into the green waste. Our team opened 750 cans by hand and dumped them into the AJM disposal truck. The metal cans were recycled.

147 bottles of water – 5L bottles – were opened and water poured out. Water bottles were recycled at the Return it Depot on Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam.

Dog food – full pallet – went to green waste AJM Disposal truck.

Dishes Bea’s Kloset took most of the dishes and cutlery. Some of the cutlery and trays went to Meadowbrook Elementary.

Blankets – donated to CA Church on Mariner St, Coquitlam – the church is opening its doors for homeless on cold nights and those blankets will be given to those in need.


Look at the results in the following table. We diverted 4.7 tonnes of waste from the landfill and our team is tighter than ever! It’s a win win scenario!

List of recycled ItemsOriginal weight and labourWhere did the waste go?
750 cans of beets and beans2200 kg of food waste in cansComposted and
750 cans were recycled
Dog Food
650 kgComposted/ paper bag recycled
20 kgDonated to CA Church

710 kgBottles to Recycling Depot
Dishes, cutlery, trays
1000 kgDonated to Bea’s Kloset and to Meadowbrook Elementary
Pallet, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, couch cushions150 kgAll recycled
Total Weight4730 kg10 kg
Labour2.5 hours for pick up32 hours for sorting out and recycling

If this full truck load would have been dumped at Wastech garbage facility, the cost would have been very high due to the surcharge payment on regular dumping fees. Disposal of items that could have been recycled always costs the consumer more $$$. It takes only a short time to pick up a load and dispose of it at higher price but this is not what we do at Ethical Waste Services.  

It takes planning, effort and willingness to do any job correctly and responsibly. We might have spent a little bit more time sorting things out but in the end the investment paid off. We diverted 4.7 tonnes from landfill and by adding a bit of fun to the day it brought us all closer together.

In the end,  “We Recycle, We Donate, We Care”. It’s important to keep this promise to ourselves, to our clients and to our future generations by doing things right and leading by example. Taking care of the environment is a responsibility that we all have to take seriously.