Use of PPE when dealing with asbestos abatement

Use of PPE when dealing with asbestos abatement

Spring time is the season when contractors get busy with their demolition, construction or renovation projects.

It is also our busiest time dealing with asbestos abatement projects.

What happens when we get a call regarding drywall removal or demolition?

1.- We ask when the house/condo was built.

2.- If  older than 1984 it is mandatory that it is tested for asbestos.

3.- We provide full service from testing to disposal of asbestos.

We have previously explained what is asbestos and why it represents a hazardous health risk.

We take this matter very seriously and our staff is especially trained to deal with this material.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including respirators and protective clothing is essential in controlling and protecting our staff from exposure to asbestos.

Protective Clothing:

  • Made of a material that resists penetration by asbestos fibres.
  • Covers the body and fits snugly at the neck, wrists, and ankles.
  • Covers the head.
  • Covers the feet.
  • Can be immediately repaired or replaced if torn.

Before an asbestos abatement work begins, a risk assessment process is done and it establishes whether the work involves low, moderate or high risk activity.

In most cases, workers must use respirators during all stages of a project in which the risk of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres exists or could develop.

Respiratory protection:

There are two categories: air-purifying respirators or air-supplying respirators (disposable respirators are NOT acceptable).

It is crucial to select an appropriate respirator based on anticipated airborne asbestos concentrations for the job!

Proper operation and fit:

We provide fit testing when our staff first uses the equipment and it is mandatory to yearly fit test the respirator (seal check) and record the results.

There are 2 types of fit testing: qualitative and quantitative.

Other PPE equipment that we require in our work sites are:

  • Goggles
  • Hearing protection
  • Hard hat
  • Steel toe shoes

Our staff and our customers are always our priority when it comes to dealing with asbestos abatement projects.

Ethical Waste Services is specialist in asbestos removal and we will take care of the whole process from testing to safe disposal!


(Source: WorkSafeBC)