Smart tips to deal with construction debris

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

The housing market in Vancouver is the major cause for the increase of close to 40% in construction waste !
Older homes are being demolished and big developments are being built. The city is growing and the need of a better and smarter way to deal with construction debris needs to be in place.
The removal of construction debris doesn’t have to be a burden for a developer or contractor.
There are several ways that you can tackle this task and we are going to show you some easy and effective ways to do so!
1.- Plan the recycling process: When deconstruction on a site is involved, there can be a great deal of recyclable materials that would otherwise be handled as debris to be hauled off to a landfill. Planning the recycling process may lead you to some valuable savings while re-using or re-purposing material.
2.- Outsource your construction debris disposal: Yes it’s true you can hire a guy with a good old truck to do the job. This might seem the smart move at first but what if you run the risks of legal issues, lack of accountability, and possibly inefficiency? This is why sourcing a licensed, reputable, professional waste removal company, can take the hassle and worry off your hands. Just focus in moving your project forward!
3.- Proper disposal of construction debris: The use of a professional hauling company like Ethical Waste Services is a great option. We follow specific practices for the proper handling and disposal of various materials and substances. We make use of the proper disposal sites and methods, while recycling as much of the materials as possible.
4.- ROI: Costs begin to add up when you consider that every hour your crew spends picking up debris, cleaning the site, hauling and disposing of the material, is an hour NOT spent generating revenue on a project.
Time is money and Ethical Waste Services is here to help you reach that goal in a Smart way!
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