Promoting a positive culture in the workplace

Thursday, October 11th, 2018


Being thankful in business is vital and if you want it to work it has to go two ways.  If you want your staff to be grateful for what they have, as a leader you need to earn it by being grateful for all they do.

Being thankful may come in different ways. It is crucial to express your gratitude. A verbal recognition followed by a system put in place to acknowledge the efforts of the employees goes hand in hand.

Involving your employees in your company’s social endeavours is another way to show your gratitude. This may include volunteering with the local organization that you support. Working with Habitat for Humanity, Tri-Cities Friends of Refugees, saving and delivering  items in great condition is one of our examples. This action not only makes the employees time meaningful but you achieve a greater company’s goal and create a positive morale.

In addition, we empower our employees with professional development courses, Work BC Safety at work, we establish peer to peer training for learning new skills and to keep safe at work and we recognize their commitment and hard work.  

Every day working at Ethical Waste Services might look like ordinary work day to some people but our employees know that they are contributing to their community. With 50% of profits being donated,  every job, every project and every employee contributes daily. This makes a positive impact on our company, our employees and our community.


In general, promoting a positive culture in the workplace will improve the productivity, well being and the company’s culture!