Why does it make sense to be a Social Enterprise

Why does it make sense to be a Social Enterprise

Have you heard about “the generation that’s interested in making a positive impact?”

If you are a forward thinking company wanting to hire and keep the best young employees, you need to pay attention!

Today’s young people are as concerned with making a positive impact in the world as they are with making money, 94% want to use their skills to benefit a cause. 

What can you do as a business owner?

Try to engage in authentic philanthropy that ties most directly to your areas of expertise. Offer your employees the opportunity to volunteer in causes they believe in.

Volunteerism will enrich your employees lives, help them gain different skills and offer them the opportunity to feel part of their community while making a difference.

Employee volunteering is an important aspect of community investment!

In addition, consumers are more attuned with companies whose values align with their own. They are very well informed, knowledgeable and in need to connect with businesses that are socially responsible.

If you are ready to explore this valuable business model it is important to create clearly-defined company policies on giving and volunteering to attract and retain young talent. Be ready to tell your story and be ready to tap into higher business values!

Ethical Waste Services is proud to be part of the social enterprise movement, we truly believe that together we can:

  • Improve our communities
  • Offer more opportunities to our future generations and
  • Take care of our environment

We hope to influence more businesses to take this path.