Community Involvement

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Planning is an essential part for business growth. It’s a meticulous analysis of the methods that worked and the ones that didn’t. It is a review of the paths that take us the right direction and closer to our yearly goals.

Paul MacDonald meets twice a year with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Each business owner reviews their past 6 months in business and sets a strategic plan for the next half  year. They  share their successes and issues with other Breakthrough Academy members. Together they collaborate, solve problems and help each other with suggestions to move forward. This invaluable feedback helps Ethical Waste Services foster successful growth and helps to achieve annual goals.

Part of Ethical Waste Services’ strategic plan is the review of community involvement and donations to achieve the social enterprise side of the business.

One of the organizations that we support, is Douglas College Foundation who  assists up to 2,000 students annually with the generosity and support of their donors. The Foundation expands educational opportunities for students by supporting scholarships, awards and bursaries, while expanding funding beyond classroom experiences.

A student who was awarded a bursary that was funded by Ethical Waste Services, wrote a heartwarming message:

“Dear Douglas College Scholarship and Bursary Selection Committee. I would like to thank you for rewarding me a Douglas College Student Aid Fund Bursary & the Ethical Waste Services Bursary in the amount of $1,200 dollars for the winter semester of 2018. I am very grateful for the help and support that I have received for this semester. Your contribution has lessen the burden and eased certain challenges that occured in my time at Douglas College. I will maintain my GPA and contribute back to my community and thank you once again for your help. I hope you will consider me for future bursaries and grants in upcoming semesters.

Sincerely, J.M.”

This is why we keep supporting this organization with the focus of  helping students to be their better selves, learn to become critical thinkers and contribute positively in their communities.