A rewarding experience volunteering with family

Monday, August 13th, 2018

The importance of being involved in the community is taken at heart by Andrea and Paul MacDonald of Ethical Waste Services. Their dedication to help and influence in a positive way the lives of children and youth in the community is part of their personal journey.

Andrea took on this year a new challenge volunteering with an organization that aligns with their company’s values. This is Backpack Buddies, a non-profit organization whose mission is to close the gap on child’s hunger in our communities. While seeking this new opportunity to help, Andrea felt that she needed to involve her own children to help them understand the true meaning of being there for others.

This past week Andrea and her daughters Jennifer and Nicole volunteered their time filling up bags with food for children in need. Meadowbrook Elementary in Coquitlam will be the first school of many others in the Tri-Cities community to benefit from this amazing service. Ethical Waste Services donated $3,000 that will help fund the backpacks packing at Meadowbrook Elementary in Coquitlam for a year and feed children in the Tri-Cities community!

Backpack Buddies are looking for schools in the Tri-Cities that would like their students help with packing and also for schools that have students in need of food for the weekend. Contact andrea@ethicalwasteservices.com for more information.

“If we teach our children empathy and understanding of issues in our community, the whole community will benefit.” – Andrea MacDonald.